It's Marketing Genius






Lilaffy presents a whole new attitude in marketing we like to call marketing genius. No more lost links. No more deliberting over which destination to send your users. No more worrying about forgetting where your links direct your audience. You are always in charge of your links and you can redirect them at any time, if you need to pivot or end a sale or change websites. Not sure if you should send your Pinterest followers to your Etsy shop or your own website? Now you have the freedom to direct your traffic, without losing control of your links. Shared posts never go away, but you can always edit where your links send your audience.



Our network of over 50+ custom urls makes Lilaffy the largest url shortener and marketing service available. Easily modify your marketing style to adapt to your clients, products, audience and demographics. We offer descriptive and easy to read links that will appeal to your readers.



Li'l link TLDs make sense. Even the not-so-short TLDs are catchy and logical, which means that your readers will remember them long after they navigate away from your page or post. 



Unlimited link means you can change any link at any time, for any reason. You can change the alias or the destination, as you please. 



Unliimited custom aliases for every link you create. No limits.



Shorten long affiliate links into creative, catchy and easy to read li'l links. Grab your reader's attention fast before they scroll away! Using your li'l links in posts, pages and images means they'll be shared around the world and never need to expire. If your links should become obsolete or redundant, simply redirect them to a more beneficial landing page. Why lose all that traffic, if you don't have to? Catchy links are keepers. 



Automatically generate a QR code for every shortlink you make. Additionally, you can create completely custom QR codes with custom colors and images for your documents and print materials. Download your QR codes in pdf or svg format.



Master links are custom links created in your Lilaffy Admin. Now you can confidently post your links in blogs, social posts and even images, without worrying about your links becoming obsolete or redundant. Shared Pinterest posts will never go away (even if you delete them), but you can keep them relevant, simply by changing their master link. As a solopreneur, you no longer have to decide if your should send your customers to your Etsy shop or to your own website. Now you can keep your traffic, no matter where you market your products and services when you update your master link.



Use a single admin to monitor, track and edit all of your links. Keep track of your marketing strategy all in one place. See which links are performing best in an instant and see those that are not. Need to change the alias to better represent your audience or client? No problem. Change all the TLDs, aliases and destination links as you see fit, while tracking the progress of each and every link. 



Create channels and group your links into categories that make sense to you. Link organization is a vital part of efficient marketing. You can easily view all links by channel to better interpret how your marketing efforts are producing for you.



When you bring all of your existing links over to the Lilaffy platform, you will have one admin to rule them all. You can monitor your existing links made on other platforms by putting them into a li'l link. Both links will still work and your li'l link will track them inside your admin. If and when your old link needs updating, it will now update with your newly created li'l link to properly redirect your users.



Free bio pages and vCards for your social media accounts. Add a vCard to your bio pages for instant business cards! Or you may use your bio pages as landing pages for your QR codes to direct your audience to donation giving, wedding plannig, events, car pages, group pages and memorial pages. 



Your Lilaffy admin offers you the most advanced statistics. See where your clicks are coming from, how many clicks your links are receiving, what browsers your users are using, which devices are being used, the languages of your users and referral pages. Everything you need to know to shape your marketing strategy.



For extra convenience, drag the Lilaffy bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar and instantly create a shortlink for your pages wherever you are. Your shortlinks will be simultaneously saved to your admin for easy access.



Add your Zapier webhook directly inside your admin to automate your workflows. Your webhook will be pinged with data upon each new shortlink creation or each a new visit.



Pixels tracking is used by ad platforms such as Facebook and Google Ads to allow you to gather data on your customers and how they behave on your pages. By adding your pixel ID from either of the platforms, you will be able to optimize your marketing simply by using your li'l links.



Temporary links do not need to be thrown away, nor do they need to be hanging around and skewing your statistics. By archiving your temporary or paused links, you can keep them at bay and also at the ready, to be accessed and reused whenever the time is right. 



Create an optional public profile to further establish your authenticity and gain trust. Use your li'l links to direct your audience to to your profile. By giving your followers the extra step in verification, you will build their trust and confidence in your credibility. 



You can create unlimited campaigns. The campaign feature allows you to regroup your links and will generate a single link that you can share. That sharable link will allow your users to view and use all the links in that particular campaign. Campaigns also aggregate statistics for all the links in the campaign.

Lilaffy offers an unprecedented platform for marketing and managing your affiliate and marketing links. opportunity to allow your links to stand alone and stand out. With categorical tlds, your links are descriptive and appealing and a snap to remember. Use your custom aliases to further make them your own and your readers will remember your links even after they navigate away from your page.