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Shorten your marketing and affiliate links into visually appealing and easy to read urls. Your users will remember your links, even after they navigate away from your page. Unlimited custom aliases and edits with all memberships ensure you're always in control of your links.

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Take Back Your Links

We don't think you should have to forfeit your links and traffic, just because your marketing strategy changes. You worked hard for your audiences and you deserve to be able to redirect them as you see fit. The Internet will keep your social posts and images forever, but you stay in charge of where your links direct your audience. Click here to Learn More.

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What makes Li'l∙affy better than other platforms?

One Admin For All Links

No need to login to multiple admins to see which links are performing best. Li'l links will display all of your affiliate links together so you can track and analyse instantly.

Attractive TLDs Get Attention

Tiny short links are helpful. Tiny short links with descriptive tlds are game changers. Lilaffy's network of li'l links provides over 40 tlds to choose from... and we keep growing!

Bio Pages & Vcards

Create with beautiful bio pages for your social accounts with images, bar links, Vcards, Paypal buttons and more. Track your bio pages in your admin, alongside your other li'l links.

Event Tracking & Geo Targeting

Increase your conversions and marketing power by utilizing pixels to better understand your audience. Our powerful tools allow you to track clicks by country and referrer.

Branded Domain Names

We get that there are times when it just makes sense to use your own domain. Now you can also track your branded links alongside your li'l links for analysis and comparison.

Custom QR Codes

Your marketing wouldn't be complete without corresponding QR codes. Every li'l link has a color customizable QR code for your images and print materials.